How often should you Hire a Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning Company


How often should You Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Deciding when your carpets should be cleaned can be somewhat difficult to determine, especially if the carpet still seems to look fairly clean even after a year or two. However, it is important to get Santa Clarita carpet cleaning services on a regular basis so you can maintain the protection of your home environment from allergens, bacteria and germs that can invade your home.

Why Carpet Cleaning in Santa Clarita Homes is Important

The main reason why you should have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is to free your home of the pollutants that are imbedded in the dust, dirt and debris at the bottom of your carpet. Even if your carpet appears clean, all of these pollutants build up as the months go by and have a negative effect on the health of you, your family and pets.

For the most part, allergens can cause sneezing, itchiness and other allergic conditions to rise in your home. Plus, bacteria and germs can help cause infections and do damage to the health of those who occupy your household. Furthermore, if mold and mildew are left unchecked in your carpet, it can put toxins in the air and even do physical damage to your home.

How often should Carpets be cleaned?

While carpet cleaning should occur on a regular basis, how often is determined by a number of factors. For example, if you are the only occupant of your residence and have no pets, do not smoke and remove your shoes before walking on the carpets, then every 18 months is recommended. That time period might stretch to 2 years if your home is unoccupied for weeks or months at a time. However, there are factors that can accelerate Santa Clarita carpet cleaning residents need for carpet cleaning such as;

– Pets
– Smoking
– Children
– Shoes Stay on the Feet
– Overall Environment

Pets add their own dander to the carpets, which means more debris that sinks to the bottom. Smoking has a negative effect on the entire household, placing more pollutants in the carpet itself. Children bring with them their own joys as well as dirt and debris while keeping your shoes on means tracking in whatever is outside to the carpet itself.

Clean the Carpets Every Year

Generally speaking, if you have one or more of the added conditions listed above, you should have your carpets cleaned once each year. This assumes that you vacuum regularly as well to keep as much dirt and debris out of the carpet as possible. To clean the carpet more often than once each year is generally not recommended. This is because each cleaning damages the carpet fibers themselves to a certain extent. So the more you clean, the more damage is done.

For proper carpet cleaning, you should employ the best Santa Clarita Valley carpet cleaning service that uses all-natural products and does a professional job to insure that your carpets are fully cleaned from dirt and debris and anything else life can throw at it.