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How Much to Pay for a Carpet Cleaning?

It certainly seems like carpet cleaning companies charge quite a bit for their services. However, with Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning, what you pay is what you get. Of course, for the best Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning, such services will be thorough and complete, unlike what can be achieved with even the best home cleaning products.

However, using professional Santa Clarita carpet cleaning services does involve both positive and potentially negative aspects depending on the point of view from those having to pay for the carpet cleaning. Although, the best carpet cleaning companies have the skills and experience to perform the task at the highest levels, trying to save money might leave you with wet and STILL dirty carpets. Again, you ‘get what you pay for’.

What Separates Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning from doing it yourself Cleanings?

While it is true that homeowners can purchase special high quality carpet cleaners which can save money over the course of several carpet cleanings, there are some downsides as well;

–        Carpet Cleaning Machines have only One Type of Use

–        The Machines are Large and Take up Valuable Space

–        Such Machines have Warranties that Expire, meaning that Replacement may be Necessary and incredibly costly

What is the Average Price of a Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning?

Although prices do vary, the national average for a standard carpet cleaning is roughly $0.30 per square foot of carpeting. Since most homes have an average of 1,000 square feet of carpet, this translates to roughly $300. Of course, if your home has more or less carpeting, then this price will vary. However, most professional carpet cleaning companies will have a minimum charge for cleaning carpets if there is less than 1,000 square feet in the residence. (Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning has a $100 Minimum).

Conversely, homes and businesses with far more than 1,000 square feet may get a discount per foot as well. Every carpet cleaning company will have its own rates and offer quotes based on that information. Most quotes include all basic services, but for special types of cleaning, such as the stairs or heavy traffic areas, it pays to ask what the quote covers to insure that these places are covered as well. Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning charges $3 per stair (*rates subject to change)

While it is recommended that most people clean their carpets once a year, most homeowners do not clean their carpets for up to seven years. However, most homes should have their carpets cleaned more often than every seven years, especially if you have pets, smoke or track in an unusual amount of dirt and debris into the home. Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning recommends that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, twice a year if you have pets.  

Discounts & Store Specials

Generally, the best time to hire Santa Clarita Valley carpet cleaning services is when they offer special rates, such as discounts or coupons for their services. Thankfully, Santa Clarita Valley Carpet Cleaning ALWAYS has a special, which can be found by visiting us on Yelp, click here. Quite often, such companies will offer special “Spring Cleaning” rates or special discounts for their “off-times” when few people think about having their carpets cleaned. By taking advantage of these times, you can save even more money on having your carpet cleaned professionally.

Having your carpets cleaned frequently can also bring discounts as well. Check with your Santa Clarita Valley carpet cleaning company to see if they provide discounts on having your carpets cleaned more frequently, especially for commercial businesses. However, every home owner can benefit from having professionally cleaned carpets. 


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